Understanding the Immediate Denture Process


  • A dental team member will escort you back and take x-rays.
  • Your doctor will perform a comprehensive oral evaluation and develop a treatment plan for your individual needs.
  • Once your needs have been established, the dental team will discuss price ranges, materials and tooth colors with you.
  • Your impressions will be taken to the dentist and the lab supervisor for approval while you visit the cashier for payment and a short wait while approvals are being given.

Step Two: WAX TRY-INS--Not necessary for Most Immediate Procedures

  • If you are replacing an existing upper or lower denture and are having teeth pulled for a second denture, you will have a wax model made in the morning before your teeth are pulled in the afternoon. Otherwise Step Two is omitted.
  • Because of the individuality of each patient’s denture needs, some dentures are more difficult to craft and take more time in the lab. Please note that even if your impressions were sent to the lab first, you may not be the first patient seen for a try-in.
  • The dental assistant will call your name and escort you to the dental room for your try-in, where you will be given a chance to see how the model looks. Adjustments will be made as necessary before the model is sent back to the lab.
  • Wax try-in is for checking bite and appearance of your new denture.
  • Your dentures are made using this model, so please be sure you are satisfied with them before giving your approval to have the dentures made.


  • You will return to be prepped for your tooth extractions and to receive your dentures.
  • The dental assistant will call your name and escort you to the dental room where the dentist will administer anesthesia.
  • After your teeth are extracted, the assistant will place your denture, make any necessary adjustments and provide information for taking care of your new dentures and your mouth. The dentist and his dental team will make necessary adjustments for a proper fit and will provide information on taking care of your new dentures and your mouth.

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