Frequently Asked Questions

How long after I have my teeth removed until I can get my denture?

Immediate Denture: An immediate denture is a denture that is manufactured and placed in your mouth the same day you have your teeth removed. A consultation is required a day or two prior to this procedure. At this consultation, your dental provider will determine whether you are a candidate for an immediate denture. Some patients will need to have some of their teeth removed early and have 6 - 8 weeks of healing time. Then they will come back and have the remainder of their teeth pulled and the denture inserted that same day.

Can I get an Immediate Denture in one day?

A consultation appointment is required the day prior to having an immediate denture manufactured.

What is the benefit of waiting 6-8 weeks before getting your new denture after getting your teeth pulled?

Healing time of 6 - 8 weeks allows for any swelling that may occur with your extractions to go down. Less swelling means that you will have a better fit on your dentures.

Do the prices of your dentures include tooth extractions?

Extractions are not included in the prices quoted for dentures. A consultation with your dental provider will tell you if your extractions can be performed at our office.

Are there any special requirements when a person gets a partial denture?

Because a partial denture hooks to your natural teeth, a dental hygiene cleaning is required within 6 months of having the partial made. If it has been longer than 6 months since your last cleaning, you may schedule a cleaning with our Dental Hygienist the same day as your appointment.

What is the maximum number of teeth that can be pulled in one day for an immediate denture?

That question can only be answered by your dental provider. Some extractions may be more difficult than others and may require a visit to an oral surgeon.

Do I have to have an appointment, or can I just walk in?

At Dental Centers, you are welcome to make an appointment or just walk in anytime during regular business hours. Appointments are preferred, but not required. An appointment assures you are scheduled for a specific day and time, which usually reduces your wait time and gets you in to see the dentist more quickly. Walk-ins are always welcome without an appointment. Our staff will make every effort to get you in to see a dentist as quickly as possible. Walk-ins may have a slight wait time until a dentist is available, and may have to return for additional work.

Do you accept dental insurance or have payment plans available for services?

To better serve you, we offer payment plans (subject to credit approval - some restrictions may apply) and accept Delta Dental and many other insurance plans. Thus, offering you even more opportunities to get the smile you deserve.

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