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Six Months No Interest Plans Now Available!

Need an option to make payments on dental services, but don't want to pay the extra interest? We now offer 6 month no interest payment plans through CareCredit.

This plan covers most dental services interest free for 6 months, with a minimum $700 balance for those who qualify (some restrictions apply). Call now for more information, or click the Care Credit button below.

Care Credit

Compare Our Complete Line of Dentures for Features & Pricing

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Chewing efficiency is best maintained by keeping as many of your natural teeth as possible. However, when dentures become necessary, there are still many options and pricing available to maximize your appearance and chewing efficiency. See the chart below to compare our complete line of dentures features & pricing. You can also click on each denture type for more in-depth description of features.

Skilled dentists and highly trained technicians work together to make your custom-fitted denture or partial. Each denture or partial is made of top quality materials and affordably priced. Careful workmanship takes time, so be prepared to spend the entire day with us. For more information, see our Denture Process, or for same day tooth extraction and dentures, see our Immediate Denture Process.


Denture Type Cost (Set) Acrylic Anatomical Detail Tooth Type Shades Warranty
Premium Complete $1,822 Lucitone 199 Gum contouring, full texturing & palatal ridges Premium Long Lasting 12 shades 5 Years
Better Plus $1,032 Vynacron Gum contouring & texturing Premium Long Lasting 12 shades 3 Years
Better $712 Vynacron Gum contouring Better 5 shades 2 Years
Basic $295 Vynacron Basic smooth finish Basic 1 shade (None)


COMPREHENSIVE CARE PACKAGE................................$325/set ($225/single)
This package is for any first time denture wearer, or anyone who would like to have a year of routine post delivery care. It includes placement of tissue conditioners between the denture and the gums as they heal and change. It covers any necessary adjustments, office visits and one permanent hard reline at the end of your healing period. This package is good for 1 year.

BASIC CARE PACKAGE..................................................$54/set ($27/single)
A Basic Care Package is useful for any denture wearer. It can be purchased for any denture during it's warranty period except the Premium Complete. This package can be purchased with the Basic Denture, but only on the same day. It includes 60 days of routine post delivery care, such as any necessary adjustments, all office visits or any treatment determined by the doctor.

RELINES Hard $209/each, Soft $269/each

OTHER REQUIRED FEES: A $38 Oral Evaluation Fee will be charged in addition to the fees listed. A full Mouth Panolipse X-Ray ($85) or a Full Mouth Series ($99) will be required at least once every 5 years to identify cancers, lesions, or anything that may cause a problem with denture fit, function, or other health issues. For more information, see our Denture Process, or for same day tooth extraction and dentures, see our Immediate Denture Process.

As the mouth changes, some patients report difficulty controlling their denture, and are afraid to smile or are unable to eat what they want. For these patients, Dental Centers offers mini-implant therapy. Several small implants can be placed in one day. Patients report enjoying a good meal and confidently engaging in conversation from the very first day. Ask your dentist about mini-implants.

Mini-implant therapy......................................$1,500 per Upper Arch, $1,200 per Lower Arch

Traditional Implant therapy............................$1,750 per Implant